Kumbe this Mama alianzaa mchezo kitambo the Guy is 50



The fuck are you saying…she was raised by a white guy in his 50s?? Isnt she older than that?

Hii @KeleleZa Chura tu


Akothee, Akombe, are they relatives or they share the same genes ?


Upussu. Senji thread ka izi ekea NVs tuu.

Wakanesa ni Wewe

uka vaa nikwambie kitu utapenda :wink:

Akombe is Abagusii and Akothee is Luo

What’s wrong with that? Wacha atumie assets.

Bitches and white boys … NKT…!!

Its all about the Dollars…!!


Awwuu…they look cute haters kimbia.

I once hated her but now my opinion towards her is changed. She is a woman that thinks.

What’s the obsession of Africans with Whites though? Reminds me of when I treated out my friends from majuu to a local cafe. Despite my politeness, my friends were treated like gods whereas, mimi, waitresses walikuwa wanaona nikama nawadoea. Ghafla bin vu! time yakulipa, mimi ndiye natoa doe. Shock kwa shiny eyes. They lost their tip that day unfortunately.

2010 Ni kitambo

Kama hauna kamzungu mahali kudilute genes to a lighter mixture wachana na yeye ahustle ama umetafuta ukakosa?

its her life focus on yours wacha kuwa groupy…im guessing you are the type of man who watches keeping up with the kardashians