Akothee was not Mad as people had thought

In the last previous days a video has being doing rounds in Socila media of Akothee in a very bad state (mentally). People thought she was going mad but kumbe it was just a video shoot.

Here is a screen shot from the video

Relax, Akothee is doing fine


Who the fuck is akothee…ako IG?

who the heck is akothee?
is it someone we should know?

:D:Dgood guestion.who is she???

What’s in the last picture to prove that she is or isn’t mad?

Is Akothee a women rep aspirant ?

Yaani people here don’t know who Akothee is?? She is a Kenyan celebrity. A musician who is a billonaire.

Yes ako IG.

Musician? Any of her songs that is popular?

Billionaire??? ako na shamba wapi?

Akothee should buy another name kama ni mbirionea

Akothee is a very fertile woman…no need of threshold ndio ashike mimba.
Ukimnukisha mtree anashika ball hapo…

But hasn’t she always been mad? And she procreates like kids are going out of fashion soon.

nudes zake please

Who is this billionaire Akothee:D? Ugandan shillings billionaire?

Apana tambua hiyo

You are not serious!


She is business woman and has sung a few songs, but hio celebrity status ni upuzi. Ni kama wale pastorprenuers hufungua one church then wanajiita Dr. Bishop and after hallucinating kidogo in their dreams wanajiita Dr. Bishop, Prophet

whoever this Akothee is, she sure looks mad to me, anaka kuhurumiwa