Akothee and Rutos: Who Wore It Best?

Akothee and First Husband


Ruto and Rachel in College.


First husband vitu gani jaluo jinga

Akothee was a mboch personified.

Why is the man on first pic wearing a jean skirt?

But nani angejua hio ghassia akothee ingekuja kusumbua Kenya mzima

First husband anakaa Aurlus Mabele wa Kimilili

huu umama mnatoa wapi hauishi?

same reason Rachel’s wearing tandarua ya tent. :p:p:p

Hizo mikono za akothee ziko na mizizi kama mtu wa mjengo.

Akothee ametumia hiyo ikuss vizuri kutafuta pesa

Sijui kwa nini Another hunikalia nyagumi.

Na kusefisha watu macho na kamisi…

They both worked their way out of poofaty… Akothee amechapa kama ngoma za bomas

Alama ya Godoro

Akothee’s ‘husband’ looks like her twin brother, wacheni!

How old was Akothee when she first got married?

This is some of what she says on that pic. post:

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June 10 at 5:08 PM ·
AkotheeExchallenge lets go
See my first love , the man who broke my virginity , the father of my 3 beautiful daughters @veshashaillan @rue.baby @fancy_makadia , yes the man who taught me that people kiss, I always ran away with my mouth, I was wondering why I should eat somebody’s siliva, apart from us breaking up , this guy had my back, we went through shit together , even when his parents said no to me , he stood by me, we were thrown out together to go back in the village , he was still a student, so when his parents chased me away, he said he is coming with me , so we Were deported

Watu hutoka mbali

Mind you those jeans were called leggs had a red Indian logo on the belt patch and the stitching was purely unique to leggs.tulivaa hizi mbaya. Came out same time as those long skirts called nairobi uniform . They were long pleated with seahorse print.

hii ni maxi?