Allegedly, she was trying to leave for the states. Her travel documents were siezed and she got held at JKIA. Maybe they scared she will rat them out. This is interesting.

Waiting for the dossier…

is she married:D

Hekaya nusu ni ya nini. Who’s she, and what happened


This is Not the time to “travel” for whatever official or Non official business.
But she seems to have something up her sleeve…I saw how devastated she was when Musando was murdered

@Eng’iti kuja

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:D:D:D kuwa mpole.

Bloggers have said she has US and Ke citizenship and that the US secured her release from cell to the VIP lounge

He he he!
Just admit it…you’re slow yet you allegedly voted…


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Cheza chini kizee


ati state security agents removed her from the plane, the commission says she was headed to New York for a meeting but ati state fears she is fleeing since she holds both US and Kenyan passports, commission says she was released and travelled but sources say she is still in custody, but US Embassy had her moved from the police cells( assumption) to the JKIA Pavillion
what is cooking?
fleeing why? from who?

When you are working for government, you need travel clearance letter to travel outside the country. I guess this lady did not have one. That aside, why is she travelling when issues to do with elections have not been fully solved. I saw her hugging akina Kiai and Kegoro and she might be their mouth and ears in the commission.


Its procedural for all group S civil servants and above to inform the state before leaving the country. That way even the ministry of foreign affairs can inform other nations to accord you the necessary elevated status you have here. Its a simple procedure just to keep the state informed.


OK, I thought State Officers cannot hold dual citizenship?

This new Katiba must be reviewed henceforth.


So why arrest her this very sensitive time ? Hizo kura muliiba mutarudisha .

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You sound Itumbish, oh wait… This is what Itumbi tweeted to diffuse the situation and you believed


@spear hii mli steal aje? Please tuambie

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Let’s celebrate.