Two questions for you madam.

  1. Is it Akeelah as in Akeelah and The Spelling Bee?

  2. When you heard the “athungu” speak in Kikuyu,was ya reaction similar to this?

PS: Are you as beautiful as Akeelah in the movie?
Okay those are three questions…

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@scumbag…when I first joined klist back in 2012 this guy was the first one to comment on my listing en gave a very astonishing advice on an issue tht was a real trouble in my life…up to date I respect scumbag.Happy wknd

What is a scumbag?

Scumbag is just scambug

scumbag niwaregire guuka kihumbuini

You are very welcome sir. Its good to know that our time here is never in vain.

@Mathice… Scumbag ni mùhuko ùrìa ùkuuaga mathice.

@Penologist…nikija nyairobi Kihumbuini lasima nifike. Will talk to you…

Hi @le scumbag
Tùarie inbox my dear:)


sHE male