Akasha gun charges


A Mombasa court has withdrawn a case against two sons of slain drug baron Ibrahim Akasha and an Indian national.

Baktash Akasha, Ibrahim Akasha and Mr Vijaygiri Goswami had been charged with fighting in public.

Senior Principal Magistrate Henry Nyakweba withdrew the charges following an application by Senior Assistant Director of Public Prosecutions Alexander Muteti.

The accused, together with Mr Gulam Hussein, were extradited to the United States in January for trial over narcotic trafficking offences.

The withdrawal of the charges under Section 87(a) of the Criminal Procedure Code means the accused can be re-arrested and charged afresh.

However, similar charges against Abdulsalam Akasha, who was charged with his brothers, will proceed, Mr Muteti told the court.

Prosecution intends to consolidate Mr Abdulsalam’s case with that of Mombasa tycoon Ali Punjani, who is facing similar charges.

Mr Punjani appeared in court for the mention of the case on Thursday.

The case has been fixed for mention on April 7.

Sijui tunafaa tujihirumie ama namna gani

For what reason Marijane?


mbona tujihurumie? it is perfectly in order they are in the U.S. facing drug charges, they can be charged if they come back to Kenya. shida ni ipi?

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Charged for fighting in public YET mega thieves are walking around in the city and you’ll never read an update about them. . . . .judges wako na bidii ya petty offences.

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The next one to receive a Certificate of Good Conduct to run office.

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@MaryJane reminds me of something… Be right back


Lakini pia voters tuko na role to play. Watu kama hawa hawafai kuchaguliwa.

You should quit or risk going bonkers. . . .


Weed does does not make you go crazy


Those guys had firearms, I think shots were fired. That is what triggered the hurried extradition.

Of course. We are entirely to blame. Our culture of “wacha tu”. And middle class and rich buy their way around inconveniences . Kama hamna maji, delievered privately, hongo so that you are not taken to central police station for a traffic violation , etc

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The poor are the majority in this country. If they knew who their real enemy was then all these problems would go away. The middle class are inconsequential. All that matters is rich vs poor.


Nice story now bendover nikukamue hadi kwa settings

hehehe hii story inanikumbusha closing days in primary school , kama mulikosana munaenda nyuma ya classes before a crowd na kumaliza kimwanaume . kuna time nilipiga jama fulani mfupi ali bleed sana .

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MJ you always be intelligent. How about we make plans for ze weekend. Nitaingiza kichwa tuuu

Judges do not make cases.

The poor are also not innocent bystanders. They provide mobs that engage in looting during political campaigns. They also don’t want to change with the times.

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We should accept and move on this whole issue of ‘class’. In kenya we have the rich and poor. The so called ‘middle class’ are just a bunch of poor people ridden in debt just trying to prove they ain’t poor or fit in certain cliques. SV OUT!!!