Ajabu za pharaoni haziwezini na za @GeorginaMakena na mafeminazi-PPT Thread



I am dumb founded by this shit…like so kina @GeorginaMakena wana go to strip clubs with females acting like males.And whats with that walk kwani…aki mwengine hapo anaka ace hood shida anajegi…angalia squad inasafisha macho.imechapa hata tusibonge further…Women are fucking lost and yall saying nikuingiliwa…so council of bitches of Ktalk what is your take
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and ma niggaz can we all just laugh at how embarassing our women are getting as years pass by…and don ask how i got this shit…
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I won’t judge…

Sometimes women feel sexy and want to do crazy things… We love attention and most would do anything to get it…
Now, a woman who doesn’t have principles doesn’t have limits… She can do anything and everything… And a man can also do whatever he pleases with her…

There’s no such thing as lost…

Jesus Christ of Nazareth!!!


weee…dunia ya siku hizi!!

Ya msingi yamefanya nisibonyeze play button.

I would totally smash the sluts dry fry…damn

me too! she’s a baus!

nice tiddies and azz! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

And they are slutty and kinky…I’d risk it all to smash those pussies together.

WHy do you post this fagget shit?

i am so gay for these girls right now

off to fap then come let all these pussies sniff my fingers

closet imebomolewa tu hivyo!

you’re a fvcking insecure biach if you feel offended by anyone’s sexuality


Anybody who Is or has ever been in the U.S knows very well there is nothing explicitly weird in these two videos. … bitches here eat each other’s pussies in full glare of the camera in da night clubs, sometimes get dicked down by crazy men too in the club…just cheer a woman and she can the craziest thing you have never imagined. In fact,there is a time I used to doubt the reality of porn till I attended a live video shooting with real people fucking in Las Vegas

:DWhy are peeps surprised?

I have lost six minutes of my life watching lesbian party phone clips.

We ain offended its just amusing that what they trying to emulate…this is just funny to me…if you a dyke be a dyke but this ace hood looking bitches have men questioning the mental stability of bitches…that is a man looking bitch lol why not get a man but soon na expect this from Wajanjes like you and @Female Perspective

The issue isn’t lesbianism its the fact that bitches tryna act like niggaz and its awkward as fuck…kwanza vile wanna sag…wtf is that a croosbreed between a handy man and street hustler

Ni hayo tu…