AISHA part I

I have never fucked a Muslim girl but I gotta say that’s the achievement I have always craved for. So there’s this Muslim chic who goes by the name Aisha. Yesterday I smashed the fuck out of her. Aisha was that pretty chic back then in campus, with a nice ass, light skin complexion and a nice smile but no one would approach her because of the Muslim traditions best known to all of us. So yesterday was the day I got to hit it that bad. Bernice was supposed to come for some action but then cancelled after her Dad flew back from SA and so had to spend some quality time with him since he had been gone for 1 year. So I decided to make Aisha the replacement. Let me take you back in time.

While in campus, Aisha joined us while in 2nd year after having her credits advanced coz she had done diploma. At first I wasn’t interested coz everyone was head and heeels over her. But then they started slowing down their advances towards her citing her traditions. Aisha was a girl who you could just say hi with your mouth. You couldn’t greet or hug her because to her we were Kafir’s. As things unraveled we were put in one group for an assignment, and from that point everything seemed to click. The next day she came earlier than normal and found me and then started “Sasa Leon, mbona unakuanga silent ivo?”, damn now I knew I would try my luck. " Nakuanga silent? Sijaijua but sasa ntaanza kuongea", “Iyo iko sawa btw nilidhani we ni bubu”, laughing crookedly “zii, sikuangi bubu”.From there we just hit it off so well. The Chemistry between us was just so awesome. While going back home, we would go together hold her waist as if she’s my gf and we would hug everyday which was a good thing. When in class we would hug and I would place my hands on her ass and caress them and she would be like " Aaaiii Leon, polepole", she was jus different from other Muslim girls. One day when going home after I had hugged her, some Muslim dude followed me and was like “We Kafir mbona unashika huyo msichana ivo? Unajua hufai hata kumsalimia?” Since I was in a good mood I told the dude to mind her own business since I was minding mine. The next day Aisha came and told me that some dude had followed her wanting to know why she was walking with a Kafir having his hand around her waist and hugging him afterwards. This Muslim guys sometimes are just a pain in the ass. In the midst of that she met her brother who saved her from the trouble and didn’t give a fuck about what that dude said. I actually told her what happened to me and she told me not to worry about it.

There’s this day we had event at school which went upto 11 in the night meaning she would reach home at about 12. And for her to get permission to attend she had to use an alibi, her friend Jamila. Jamila was this chic who was psyched up and lived life to the fullest. And with her in the picture everything was just fine. Aisha’s parents trusted Jamila and they knew with her she was safe. On the other side, Jamila was that tricky girl na hakuwa mtiaji actually she wanted Aisha to have fun that night. Aisha came to the event looking extremely beautiful. She had ditched her black bui bui and hijab for a pure white dress that was long enough to the ground that shaped her ass and boobs so well. She had a hijab but removed it when in the event. This was the first time I saw her without a hijab and she looked so amazing. She had applied a light purple lipstick she was just so fine. The event went on very well and me being that guy I stole her towards the end of the event. We went out behind the hall and I told her how she looked beautiful with my hands on her waist and her hands resting on my shoulders. She was a few inches shorter than me and it was a perfect match. “Asanti Leon, unakaa poa pia wewe”. With that I went in for the kiss which she received so well. Fuck! Aisha had some fine and soft lips. Kissing her was just so fuckin good. She knew how to turn her head and it went very well.My hands were on her ass and she didn’t have any qualms about it. I instantly got a boner damn I would fuck her right here right now. When we entangled she began " damn Leon, you can kiss so good", i felt just so happy within me. I told her “I try, you have amazing lips, i see you are a good kisser”, she was like " mmmmm btw we ndio boy wa kwanza nimekiss from the Christian side, and you are the best kisser", with that I implied that she had kissed fellow Muslim guys only and they were bad at it. Just then her phone rang, it was Jamila asking her where she was as the event had come to an end. She lied to her that she had gone to the ladies, when we were coming from behind the hall to enter the hall and go home we found Jamila on the door and with light from the hall she could notice that something fishy had happened between us. I guess she noticed the lipstick stuck on my lips. “Sasa Leon”, she said " Poa sana Jamila, nimepatana na Aisha nikitoka loo nikaona tuongee tukikam ivi", she was like “Leon, nakujua we ni mtu mkora sana”, but since she was this uptown chic she was like " Usijali sitaambia mtu, ndo maana niko hapa", with her I knew I was covered. “Poa si tutameet siku ingine”, i said as i stole a quick kiss from Aisha. Jamila was like " mapenzi tu", as we parted ways.


Adolescent dreams

… One day we shall meet… when the stars are scattered and the tombs are turned upside down…

Ebu weka part 2

Hekaya swafi, part 2 ije. Lakini mbona Jamila wote huwa Wakora kiplani, pia kuna mwengine hapa ni arif kuruka na anajua kusneak beshte yake amina out of her parents reach for my sake


I have a thing for muslim ladies with a hijab with beautiful flowers on it

Mbona machali waislamu huwa hivyo?