Aisha Jumwa Arrest Warrant

An arrest warrant has been issued for Aisha Jumwa for absconding court on 2 occasions in a 19M corruption case. Hii ni deep state fighting back na makasiriko @Titty Twister ?

It’ll be interesting to see whether Ruto will “protect” his people or allow the judiciary to be as independent as he praised it to be.
His biggest test will be Gachagua and Baraza.

You guys talk of Judiaciary as if they start any prosecution process. SMFH

na watu wakiambiwa waende civil education, wanajifanya wajanja.

Be nice

You said she absconded twice in a corruption case then unashangaa kama ni kazi ya deep state? Arror should rule for 40 years. Wakenya ni wajinga.

Who is “you guys”?
You can call me out for being wrong on something as an individual, I actually appreciate correction.
But placing me in a “group” as if I’m not as Kenyan as you or everyone else is completely uncalled for.

Gachagua’s 200M was said to come from fraud, watu huku wakasema ni deep state inamuangamiza

Learned friends can be condescending, but the court summons are issued to the investigating officer to hand them over to the accused, who ironically is released by the courts at their own bloody discretion.

Released on bail, and bail has terms

I assure you some of these terms are skewed in favor the accused, for example a suspect accused of stealing half a million with no permanent residence in the courts area of jurisdiction can be let go by say 100k bail. Do you truly expect the bastard to come for the p.a.y.e?

Do you understand how bail, bond and surety work?

Ruto already is known confikt he cannot carry more wounded soldiers. Aisha and Kingi did nothing in Kilifi.

Probably not, but skipping bond is the reason we’re on this thread

The weakest link in the judiciary is the DPP and DCI.if there’s lack of evidence either by design or otherwise,the court is left with no option but to dismiss the case for want of prosecution or evidence.

The lawyer is this case is my good friend for many years, I wonder why he practices criminal law

Riggy G cases will be the genesis and Exodus of KK

She has a murder case too

Because criminals cough up plenty