Airtel Money Visa Card...

This Card allows one to access the money in their Airtel Money Account from any Visa Branded ATM and also allows one to withdraw from any Chase Bank ATM for only sh 30 per transaction and Kenswitch ATM for 50 bob. So if one was to withdraw 20,000 from an ATM, he would be charged only 30 or 50 bob, whereas Mpesa would charge one about 200 bob…

Pia mimi nahama,to hell with SaMAVIcom!!


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whats the catch??

Online transactions?

Shida ni chase bank…

Shida ipi?

Shida ya airtel ni marketing.Pesa wanayo but am sure this will flop. They had the first M-Pesa like business in soko tele, their calls used to be the clearest but somehow they still lag far behind than safaricom. Sahi wanangoja firimbi walete TV set top box that is internet enabled

I read on someone’s wall that safcom has barred sending cash from mpesa to these other platforms. But this will be a game changer pamoja na equitel


fcuk safaricom… hiyo mpesa yao itaharishwa design ya cholera

Nilihama Kitambo. Saffuricon mi huweka bamba ten line ikue active tu. Why pay four shillings when i can pay less for the same service?

shida ya airtel wako poor sana na marketing, nayo equitel waliadvertise na syke miingi lakini siku hizi nikama wameingia baridi hawaoingei so usidhani safaricom watalemewa hivi karibuni

Once safaricom bring set top box internet enabled, they just need to do proper advertising and inform guys, though indirectly, that sports kama EPL, F1, movies, series etc can be streamed live at a lower cost than DSTV premium.

Safaricom set up boxes will be FTV not FTA. Their net connection will not be fiber but via their SIM cards, you will be buying bundles. as this niggas will just be doing zero if they,

First. make sure that their set up boxes have the option of fiber and have an unlimited data plan thats dedicated not shared.
Second. They make their channels better than zuku and bamba tv combined.
Thirdly. Their roll-out plan be better than zuku, they become aggressive in connection be it fiber or other wise.

There is a reason why Bob is quiet and they not blowing their trumpets the way they normally do when they are launching a new product or about to launch a new product. Lets wait and see what they will launch in the market.

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