Airtel Kenya’s new 1GB Bundle at Ksh. 99 and 2GB at Ksh. 250


Edge speeds

Ziko sawa, esp on their 4G and in their network stronghold areas

The network is bullshit!!!

It is bullshit for people who move around a lot, but ok for Home WiFi if there’s a connection where you live.

How is it that they still haven’t been fined to death by the CA for their dogshit internet service?

Jane Njoroge niaje

How is telecom?..

It is a worthy competitor to safcon… Unlike airtel

True, airtel are very slow in almost everything

watu wa DNS tumetulia tu


Telkom has that too

Do Airhell have 4G?

Infact all mobile service providers were finned 8m for failing to deliver quality and standard services as they promissed in 2016/17 financial year

Gani hiyo?
Cheapest ni 49/= : 200mb

Hakuna 99/= : 1GB!!! I just compared prices and realised that Airtel is the cheapest for peasants who rely on daily bundles. Hata Telkom haikarubii. Kwanza Unliminet!!!

49/= now ni 400 mb

Peasant Meffi

hii shit ni slow as fuuuuuuck:(:(:(:frowning:

Burukenge ii, kujia chips na guarana