Airtel data

So you have about 500 points airtel zawadi points and need data? When you dial *326# and opt for data redemption, the system indicates that you are redeeming 500 for 125 mbs but airtel sends you is 1792 mbs. If you redeem 1250 points you get 3072 instead of 350 indicated on the system.

Ni hayo tu.


asande sana. nko na around 5k points

Hi story ya airtel ilibidi nijiite mkutano. Don’t forget fb, twitter na whatsapp is absolutely free. After my meeting I choose to treat it like world hunger. I 'Kent’s figure it out. Siwes elewa.

On airtel am likewise holding a committee with my head, quite a unique case this one, anyway, can’t complain. Thanks for the heads-up.

I have redeemed 500 points twice, how does one check the data balance for the freebies.The *544# option is not responding with a text .
@Kimundu saidia chap chap kabla the “Peasant can’t relate battalion” wafike .

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Try my airtel app to check mbs

To check data balance dial 5443#