Airplane take off experience

I was driving along Thika super highway this evening from Nyeri and just before KU pedestrian bridge I experienced something similar to a plane take off. Ile ndege inapaa kwa hewa. Who has experienced the same and what’s the science behind it?


unasema ile feeling kama ya lift?!

sudden dip?

Enda kwa net search somethig known as G-force. It has to do with inertia.

Nvidia G-force, bodily fluids collect at the back of the body(inertia) due to increased forward thrust, you can die if it happens for long.Quite a good feeling, umeweka nitrous kwa gari?

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some years ago (2012 ivi) a Rav4 crashed apo k.u. no tyre burst, no collision no nothing. i think i now know why

hiyo place inafaa kuwa marked as black happens almost everyday

Mimi sijawahi panda ndege.

Pampers Wacha kuangusha wabukusu