Aircraft Safety

Two light aircrafts crash landed yesterday in kenya

Mbisha mkubwa?

Muindi, nitafutie sole ya timberland


Woi! Kuna mtu alikufa?

:D:D:D@sani kubali tu wewe ni muhindi. You will never convince us you are not.

Seems one from kws n the other kenya police. Hope no one was injured

Its true, planes in Kenya are inadequately cared for. There are periodical times for aircraft inspections, once a plane completes certain hours/landings and/or take offs. In Kenya, as long as the plane has been dignosed that major systems work, then they are good to go. Most of the craft technicians that i know in Wilson only know how to check the hydraulic and avionics systems, nothing else. Structure wise, very few technicians can even conduct a full body inspection. Fly 540 has been having problems lately, my mom, in two different occassions, they had to make emergency landings after mechanical issues developed up there. KQ invests heavily in its staff, good.

Only Helicopters in Kenya are often well maintained because the companies that own them invest heavily in training their staff.

last two weeks two local kq flights have had serious mishaps. a month ago a kq flight I was to use from harare also had a major issue…had to be delayed for a whole 12hrs!

Pole sana msee, but better late than mkufe hewani.
You do realize that if you are flying the Embraer series, its certified group of engineers and technicians, am not sure if that service here. That means the cost of minor repairs can be way way too high. So what they do, when small issues that can be overlooked arise, they overlook them and this results in piling up of issues. But also considerign their very many flights daily with just a few major incidences, i dont think they rate badly

Ooh pliz…it all depends with where the aircrafts are being maintained…some technicians do their job just like it’s expected of them.