Air hugs are the future. No contact please

After men stop touching women the women will come up with a new accusation. He looked at me funny! :eek::eek:

Keanu Reeves is a wise guy. He knows that women in the western world are evil bitches!

Great post, lakini kuna moja hapo nafikiri angeshika kaa sio fegi.

Hebu tuone dashboard ya dolly parton

I love Dolly Parton

Stress tupu…they setup Cuba Gooding. If i have that fuck u money na unaishi majuu u should make bitches sign contracts before dealing with. Charlie Sheen kama si mdudu had a bright idea.

Huyu Keanu Reeves story yake ni kama ya Tiger Woods, from starring in blockbusters like The Matrix to starring in B-List movies but now John Wick, good for him, now Nicholas Cage should try a comeback

And just like that Keanu has avoided numerous sexual misconduct lawsuits.


Hollywood is a rollercoaster ride… One time you are the sweetheart, the next uko huko chini… See the other actor who acted in the mummy and George of the jungle… Jamaa is no where…

Cuba Gooding Jr. is in trouble because of the same.

Men, but the saddest fall ni ya John Travolta, John’s style was just out of this world

Trudat @Yunomi. It has picked up already. We call it ogling and carry on to say that ‘he made me feel v uncomfortable, he was talking to my chest, he is creepy, not meeting again without a 3rd party’ etcet etcet nyof nyof nyof. I have posted videos of Chris Martin performing with Arianna Grande in Manchester. Dude is smart…a hug with no touching.
We do not even have to be celebrities. It can be poor minnows at normal work places complaining about the top honchos i.e Directors.

[SIZE=7]This guy is a genius ! [/SIZE]

Bitches will still come up with new baiting methods to trap stupid males(beta)

one time at a media house i was working in, some guests from the uk arrived. they were supplying us with a service and we had worked with them for years. this was their first visit.
they stayed 3 days in Nirobi and worked from our offices; which was an open plan office na masweep zilikuwa zikifly kila mahali, mse anaenda anashika mabega ya dame akikaa wanaongea…little things

on the last day, one of them mentioned that he envied how we work but was more surprised at how the men and women interact. i’ll never forget his statement, “in the uk, most of you would be in jail for this and that offence”

Only one system has the solution to all these social problems, slowly man is going to acknowledge it.


Alirudi na Doom Patrol. He is the Metalhead

The pendulum will come to rest am not fazed by all these noises because that is all what it is.