apparently kuna so may questions that remain anunswered the reason why chairman ameandikia Chiloba barua demanding answers as to why even sattelite phones never worked in transmitting results…interesting times ahead


Chebukati should not be trusted

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he is doing that to please his maaters(Babuon and Co)

Why did he preside presidential results if they were faulty?

What do you even mean here?

I hope IEBC is just a facade, and that Uhuru is in charge of the real election machine. If that’s not the case then he is very naive and playing with fire.

hehehe,hoping so


Hii hapa the letter
[ATTACH=full]124527[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]124528[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]124529[/ATTACH]

Who re yu?

Ongea kiswahili tu


wuueh! kumewaka! Chebukati ameamua kua bulldozer

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Seems Chebukati was unknown in the whole game,sort of. It is credible such things can happen.

If these things happened then he should streamline everything and deal with those staff members. Any win should be clean with no room for challenging the same in court. Tumechoka

It seems he was largely aloof and unaware of the nitty-gritty happenings at the commission. Let him be hands-on now and deliver a clean process

Let the mayhem begin.

But operational working of IEBC is under the guy addressed in the letter, so Chebukati alone cannot do much. BTW can Chebukati crap the whip? Does he have powers ama hii ni showbiz tu?

maybe bringing the issues to the limelight can serve his purpose to ensure the same is not repeated. Most people were unaware of all that is listed