AiBiSi lineup(proposed)

Proposed line-up:
1.Patrick Odame to replace Immaculate Kassait as Director Voter Registration and Electoral Operations
2. Salome Oyugi to replace Praxedes Tororey as Director Legal
3. Michael Ouma to replace James Muhati as Director ICT
4. Marjan Hussein Marjan to replace Ezra Chiloba as CEO
5. Decimah M’mayi to act as Deputy Commission Secretary.



Hio ata na dawa siwezi taka. Wacha nikalime mahindi pale ruai


Hii Ni lineup ya Wachawi na night runners supporting bid ya jakuon ama?

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Citizen Monday Special (source)…
Uliza hao

tyranny of dholuos

Uhuruto gloves are off and they ain’t taking shiet no more… The hope of another Orengo/Kiraitu led not in their minds. Naswa can go to all the courts but the two will not be moved this time.

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Mbona hakuna Mundu wa Nyumba kwa hii lineup?

Citizen news : iebc staff want Chiloba out. Interesting times ahead

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minority dictatorship wont be allowed anymore. they can bring their mattresses and even beds to the tarmac if they want.


Mi naeza kubali November 2017 na niresign november 2021 kama contract inafika huko


The most important people are those who sign form 34A, 34B, the rest are just overrated


Nimeskia fununu kina chiloba are on compulsory leave, don`t know if its true

Hizi ni panganga ama ni porongo tu

Its not

Dont rely too much on bunge la mwananchi news

Kwani IEBC imekua ya wajaluo?

kinataka kimeibiwo

Hapa tunacheswa

Chiloba akwende. The rest sina shida nao. The sly ninja must go drying