Ahmednasir Abdullahi SC has gone balistic!.....


He can open an office to siphon dustytown parking fees and grab more public plots for him and wife.


@admin can’t see previews of tweets on Chrome

Ongea na @administrator

Good thing mcas are planning to impeach him.

Now you all know why Abdulnasir is always losing cases. Big mouth, little logical thought.

Between @admin and @administrator who is the real Admin or its the same person with two handles?

Both. Admin ako leave.

May be he think office is tables and chairs

This Ahmednassir is the same fucker who owns a magazine of sorts castigating corrupt people. Wakishikwa tena ndio yeye huyo defending them.

that is the simpleton thinking we were destroying yesterday in another thread jana ama juzi i think. office has several meanings.
wakili mzima kama nassir na anaongea kama fala.

Ni msomali ghassia ka.a huyo anasumbua uncle Trump

lawyers would sell their mothers to win a case, i also heard Kanjama say the same shit…
n immediately realized ni marketing wanafanya…