Agwambo Finally Spills the Beans

[COLOR=rgb(97, 189, 109)]Hataki kuadmit alilala na SiL. He was just a bystander and all bad things started happening to him

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"Bwana VC, ficha ID kabisa… that story of Asad Khan has disturbed me. I am a hardworking guy who has been married for 6 years. We were madly in love and even did everything together. My wife was a stay-at-home mum for the first 3 years as she nursed our daughters. Then the 4th year, she got a job at an NGO. Si unajua vile NGOs inalipa Poa. Wueh

Wacha madam akaanza kukuja home vile anataka. When I asked, shed either go quiet a whole day or hata anijibu vibaya. She started having random out of town trips even for a week saying she was on projects.

Kama mwanaume, i vumiliad my issues ndio watu wasifikiri nimeshindwa kuchunga nyumba.

Mind you, she got a promotion and earned almost double my salary but other than our daughter’s clothes, i continued paying all bills alone. When i once asked her, she told me that no new mouths had been added since the days she was jobless. Anyway, months ago we lost a colleague at work and we met as a commitee every day for a week in town after work to plan his burial.

I would not find food. The house girl was ordered not to even make me tea. In my own house. Anyway, we traveled to bury our colleague in kakamega the following weekend and since it’s far and we were organising the funeral, we spent three days away in kakamega.

When I returned to Nairobi, tired and still wondering what was wrong with my marriage as I had never even cheated once since nor disrespected her, In fact I always tried to stay out of her way… She stormed the bedroom asking me where I was that weekend.

The hell? She knew I was in a funeral. She saw the funeral program on the table, in fact I was a speaker representing our office. She was aware cos she knew the deceased.

But wapi! She yelled at me that i was cheating and suddenly threw a hot iron at me. It missed. I ran out of the room warning her not to do it. She followed me outside and I decided to get into my car to go to my cousins house cos I was unaware what was happening. As I was reversing, she threw a stone kwa gari and cracked my wind screen.

I stayed out of my house two days then she texted me she was sorry. That ni stress ilimsumbua.

I went back and convinced her we go for counseling and we saw our pastor together. Things became better but after 2 weeks, matusi na cold war.

One day, she slapped me because I took a call from my younger sister who was traveling for further studies. I grabbed her hand, and held it firm. We literally walked to the police station which is about 300mtrs away. I told them they either weka yeye ndani because I was going to beat her. I told them everything . The OB officer started laughing at me and called others waskie ‘stori’. An inspector lady came from huko nyuma and called my wife by name… *Nancy, huyu ndio yule ghasia anakupiganga?

She turned to me and told me she had heard a lot of things about me and that one day watanikujia.

Boss!!! Haiya!!!

My wife said nothing but smiled. Nikitoka huko.

I literally moved out of my house and im in the process of annulment. The reason I didn’t beat her was that statement by the cop. No one would care that it was in self defense. Ningechomwa.

Kama singekua na nanny cam kwa nyumba, her defense team would have had me for lunch.

I just want to say, today is another day where in your free time, spare 14 minutes to fear women."

Mtu akiachwa aachike period!

Men! Men! Men!. Nimemuita Mara Tatu. For God’s sake, as guru’s advice here day in day out, please understand that women are not wired to love!. YOU FAR KING LOVE YOURSELF. Your kids should not be an excuse for sticking around. Once a woman knows that you have no other option, she will definitely strike. Jenga kwenu make it your mini paradise and ensure that you constantly visit the village, your only safe heaven!

Stupid and very useless simp. Inakasirisha.

Unachapwa kofi na bibi na hakuna return? And you were calling your sister?

When you know you have a lot more to lose from a domestic fight,you walk away.
Av been there

Men we are on our own. The only person that really loves you or loved you is your mother. The rest love you because of what they might benefit from you. Like in this case, before your wife got a job, she loved you because of the security that you provide inform of a home, food and cloths, Yani the basic needs. But now that she can do all that for herself, you are nothing to her except someone that father the kid that she has, something that another guy can do

He should not be labeled stupid actually he is very wise… that woman has been trying to provoke him for months if not weeks. Just one slap and she would have collapsed into victimhood and any other bad things she did would be forgotten. Ogopa sana hii gender. She purposely planted ideas in the cops’ heads for months that he is abusing her when he is not. Even that anger that she showed after ametoka burial was all scripted. Imagine living with such a cold hearted and calculated person in the house. Akaona jamaa ha react akavunja wind screen bado jamaa showed restraint. A very wise man. I always tell men live on the asumption that huyo bibi ako hapo haukupendi… be pragmatic just know what you are getting out of the union but do not delude yourself that whatever you are putting in would be reciprocated when you need it…

Sometimes it best to evaluate all the possible outcomes. And in this case, the guy was fighting a lossing battle or a battle that already had a predetermined winner before it began. Walking away was the best option. The bitch already lied that he has been hitting her and she was just provoking him so he can be locked up and for her to have a better chance on the outcome incase there is a divorce and there are properties divided or child support that is to be paid.

kuna wa kuchapa kofi na wa kuondokea. This woman was obviously rubbing shoulders with the big boys. Hiyo kibui ni ya mu ameambiwa wachokoze kamzee wakaharibie maisha na some jail time. Getting jailed even for one year when you were a soft life guy utabomolewa asshole haraka sana. He was wise to move on since he was no longer dealing with a wife but a dog who has new master

Women are not wired to earn more than their husbands and tolerate them. This is hypergamy in action.

Yaani anarudi kwa nyumba anaona bwana yake ni mtu very useless juu anapata double ya salary yake.

she cannot fathom getting wet for the husband anymore since he is not dominating her

This is why you keep a roster. Even if you won’t cheat she has to know you have options. Otherwise this level of disrespect ensues

Upuuuus mtupu. The guy says the slap was captured on CCTV. The aggressor would have been known. You saw that video of a german girl na mouth mrefu alijaribu kupiga bouncer wa russia slap? Ukinislap that’s how you end up, hata kama ni bibi. She’ll respect you forever whether you annul that marriage or whatever

These jezebels nowadays feel so entitled because of lopsided laws that unjustly favor them. It’s a racket.

You are interrupting a wankfest.

Arume Kwina Mbu

I’m sorry for this man but he should have left the minute she started treating him like shit in his own home.


Easier said than done. Empathy ni muhimu.


Kama uko na pesa kua na mancave ya kudisappear for one month pipi akileta upus