Aguero in car crash

Man City confirm that strike Kun Aguero was involved in a car accident in Holland on Thursday. The club docs are examining him.

A good player who will never be great. Six months in six months out injured. Lastly he is a good actor on the pitch. If you mark him out of a game therefore frustrate him, he will look to dive or feign contact to get an opponent booked yellow or red card.

quick recovery to him.

Good finisher though. Head or feet.

Hii tuliona wakati wa asubuhi sacco

AGUERO is one of the best players…hands down

Out for two months, lets see how Man city will perform.

at least competition ya golden boot imetulia… Lukaku all the way

Harry Kane is still a threat.

quick recovery to him. was looking forward to seeing ujanja wake umefika wapi against our boys kesho…

He was on a night out a day after CL duty instead of resting to recover some energy. That’s indiscipline since the next morning they squad starts training for EPL weekend matches. Any coach/manager will be mad about that.

From the sky sports article he was on his day off. Bad news all the same.


Aguero had earlier posted a picture of himself with Colombian singer Maluma on his Instagram account. He was understood to have been attending Maluma’s concert before the accident happened.

Sasa football star mzima anaendesha nissan March!!

Sasa ona ile hasara imeleta, Ingekuwa 4 x 4 angetoka with just some bruises

Okay. Sorry to him but for the rest of EPL this is an advantage. Now the centre defenders can take turns stopping jesus alone.

i have nothing to say to this…

Hio ni taxi.