Agri: Soil Testing

Hey Ktalkers. Hope mko fiti.
Any agronomist or someone with an idea of how much it cost to do a soil test for ph and nutrients availability in the soil, in kenya from the respective companies?

Soil cares ndio naona wako widespread sana.
KALRO na KEPHIS ndio naweza advice, results hukaa kidogo lakini analysis poa.
Soil cares nadhani ni 1k/sample.

Go to KALRO Waiyaki way and you will be directed to the lab for further advice/

Ph si unaweka litmus paper au? Acid turns blue litmus red

Na si unalamba mchanga unajua tu kama iko acidic ama apana?

I did with KARLO near kangemi a while in 2011, i paid 5k

Peleka UoN main campus students wanukishe kitunguu

For one sample?

Good info

Khephis-ngong road (near ngong town). I have done tests for heavy metals in soil as well as dioxins. They use a graphite atomic absorption spectrometer.

How much do they charge?

yes , sampled from a land of 2ha

ksh 2500

Try cropnut in limuru