Age is a Bitch: Celine Dion


:eek::eek: Old people look better when fat.


Happens to everyone when you lose lose fat and have no muscle gain. The skin becomes loose and you look so old.


She is just 50. She could be @FieldMarshal CouchP 's daughter and I am almost certain the old geezer (68+ years) looks younger than her.

She need to eat some beef.

Jungu’s love that.


Haven’t started the legwork. Plus huexpect unipee number jana nicall leo. This is an anonymous forum so nitacall her later on this year. I would like to remain anonymous, even to you. Thanks for the contacts though. I am grateful.

There’s someone still tapping that…

Live fast, die young and be a handsome/beautiful corpse.

She looks close to 80 rather than 50.

Kama ingekua hapa kenya watu wangesema HIV

Hehehe… Boss, i have zero intrest in “blowing your cover” nimesaidia wengi the same way yet to this day i have never bothered to find out thier identities.

Not all. See Madonna at 60 years. [ATTACH=full]223794[/ATTACH]

Her husband died. I think ilimaffect

Mama akule chakula aache upuuusi

Ni nini budah…tunakujua already na ile markx yako ukizunguka thika road!

Like fine milk? :slight_smile:

Cucu Celina.

Tutaona hii mara ngapi jameni?