Afternoon Cretins

Please recommend me a body building supliment.
Quote price tafadhali.
demerits pia might come in handy.

what are your goals

You want to stop being a beta male???

He wants to stop being a beta male

kuwa mpole

HGH safe or GH haziko huku lakini toka India ama Dubai about $27 alafu the former ni injection

I need to jump start my muscle growth. Been gyming quite alot lately , eating as adviced but still… damn am growing stronger men but i need the body shape

well, three things comes into play, diet, workout plan and recovery. Many people nail it on matters diet and working out, but most miss the ‘recovery’ aspect.
whenever you workout, basically what you are doing is bursting you muscle fiber in a controlled manner, that’s why you get sour. the next thing is recovery , in terms of rest. make sure on the days you are working out, atleast sleep 7hrs minimum.
Changes in your boby will occur when you are sleeping, same logic as babies having lots of sleep to grow, or a patient recovering from an injury.

kila wakati ukitumwa mkate, kula slice mbili za katikati.

in a few months, utakuwa 130 kgs of pure…


:D:D:D nani huyu unataka kufikisha threshold msuli msuli babaaa:D:D:D

How long have you been training and what results do you want?
If a proper v taper and good upper body;Go for whey protein and Creatine.Creatine maintains water weight kwa body;So the weights you lift become more sustainable juu ya power inakupea.Whey helps in recovery.No body pains ukiamka.

For overall mass and calories take A mass gainer and a Muscle Fuel.Together at once.Mass gainer gives you a general calorie count na kucover the meals you dont take.Muscle fuel on the other hand helps your active food from “Quick metabolism”.

To maintain your gym pump after training;Take Amino Acids and BCAAs.ukipiga Bicep inabaki apo Mayengs Job wanaona Umefura.

6 meals every 3hours.
3litres of water per Day.

whey Protein Muscletech 4500-8000
Creatine 2000-4000
amino 3500
BCaa-4500 (45caps)
USN Muscle fuel -3500
Mass Gainer Optimum Nutrition - 6000

@Motokubwa saidia talker to get to your level.

yeye anataka ubroiler mimi ni kienyeji,kienyeji ni ni kuwa na constitution of an ox na cast iron stomach

Are you saying ni jamaa wa Sonford Chips kama yule nani …

hapo sasa

hizi dishi ziko outskirts kweli… ama hadi nijilete tao?

Supplements ama food?

Ukidai supplements uniambie nikupe number uende ubuy