After Western, leo ni Úkambani. Maûndû nî meûKenyattanga!!!





kipindi cha lala salama.


Just another looser looking for opportunities to recover the money he lost campaigning

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Step by step the process is gaining steam.

…So you are saying the letter by jubilee is a reaction to the appointment of Albert Gogo as Head of ICT:eek::eek:


But they have not listed Albert’s name in their letter. Maybe iliwapita or its a false flag


Consolation time. He doesn’t have the only important thing. Voting numbers. All these talk of Chiloba etc is just the latest of excuses for babuon not to accept defeat. When Chiloba was picked weren’t the civil society celebrating? Their own was CEO and Chebukati who recently left odm was also Chairman. Just like in 2013, (Hassan-Oswado) opposition thought this two positions was more important than votes. They never learn. Anyway I don’t mind them winning imaginary battles in shosho media while we keep winning the real elections.


as usual kamwana will be caught pants down drunk:(

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Strong rebuttal.

we don’t want to vote UK furiously then lose kwa iebc server,naskia babu has insiders there


All along we assumed Uhuru had things under his control only to see him shocked, drunk and confused like us after the ruling. Saa hizi ukiskia vitu kaa hizi zimepostiwa hujui kaa ni rumuors ama ukweli. He doesn’t understand the sacrifice Babuon is willing to make to get power.


“We have our credible mole in the IEBC team who has furnished us with credible information that there was hacking, but we choose not to name him due to security reasons”


FACT: Uhuru’s lazy and laidback approach to governance - eti, oooh, ‘we trust the institutions established by the Katiba’ is just downright silly. Even in the US, president’s appoint friendly Supreme Court judges because they know when shit hits the fan, they’ll cover their backs. Uhuruto control Parliament, but they need to start working to control the Judiciary.

If they gave me this project, I would accomplish it in two years flat, starting at the JSC.

Clue: Nobody is ever loyal to Uhuruto because when Raila and his hordes come for you (Shollei, Hassan, Tonui, etc) Uhuruto never protect you.


kazi yangu ni kumpigia kura akinyanganywa na babu shauriiii yakeeee,hata sina shida na huyo babu bora amani:(


Ata hii myth wanajidanganya nayo ati wakishinda Babuon ataretire itakuja kuwamess. For revolutionaries, it’s either victory or death so wajitayarishe kusumbuliwa hadi jamaa agonge miaka 95.

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Mara ngapi tutasema electronic voters tally is provisional by law otherwise President Uhuru would have been declared winner by 9th August.

The final count is manual using Form 34A. That’s why we waited for those last 2 forms until at night to finally declare Jubilee win.

Don’t buy into shosho media opinion or tale. I’m yet to see where the SC said the electronic transmission was hacked and that is the reason for fresh elections. The summary judgement doesn’t say that and that’s why we are all waiting for the full ruling suspiciously to see point by point the reason why.


musila et al are a clear evidence that polishitians only care abt theiya stomachs. n that’s why I don’t vote

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Even if you don’t vote, we are shafted together