After singing tano tena

Ben Githae ladies and gentlemen.[ATTACH=full]284800[/ATTACH]

Opportunists are nauseating

See eyes and mdomo kauka

I hate this nigger

Especially this individual.

Ameona kaopportunity

A man can earn his daily bread in more dignified ways. I pity the woman whose husband gets his wage bootlicking other men.

This guy had an ugly mpango wa kando alirushiwa na beste yake baada ya kuikojolea for sometime. So elewa this guy takes anything thrown to him.

i suppoe your wife feels same way about you and Ruto

Checkmate :smiley:


Ukianza kuongea hivyo you lose 3 more Okuyu supporters.

Jamaa yuko works banaa. I see no difference, between him , and kenyan politicians

kill it before it lays eggs!

Sande sana Msito Mikel. Couldn’t have put it better.

Are you for real.I didn’t think you could hate.Let Githae eat

Nyani haoni kundule.You beat Githae at his own game and you know why

Wacha Githae akule. It’s his daily bread. Politics isn’t anyone’s daily bread but for the politician.

He is working his way into the new gava come 2022. And in the industry he is in any mention is welcome. Like I would not know him where it not for this nauseating music. You click on it on you tube dude gets what is called ‘internet money’.

Better than stealing I guess…