After eating grass and drinking petrol, now they are eating snakes

Members of Prophet Penuel’s End Times Disciples Ministries in Soshanguve, Pretoria ate parts of a snake, believing it would become chocolate.Images posted onto the church’s social media sites show Penuel dangling a live snake and dropping it into the mouths of his congregants. Man of God declared a snake to become a chocolate (chomp) and the congregation ate it. We have authority to change everything into anything and it will obey because of our authority.


“just believe”…


all you have to do is boooolieve


have faith

Have faith my ass! I’d take common sense anyday rather than eating a snake and believing itakuwa chocolate!

sasa hawa ni wajinga kama @WebDev and @junkie

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believe that

umbwa wewe,the only animal i eat is pussycat

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Wajinga ndio waliwao

Hii ilikuwa testing, next watampatia mali na mburoti ndio wabook kanyumba mbinguni… ngoja tu.

Tsk Tsk. How the congregation let’s itself be fooled! Who hid common sense from them?

Oh… How I wish I had a strong voice and the oratory gift. There are more fools than kanyare can handle. money money everywhere …:wink:

This will end badly one day.

Maybe this pastor has a mental disorder and people don’t know

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No one can “dare” question God’s “anointed” servant…hii ni upuzi.

huu ujinga sijui waafrika tutagutuka lini kama si ugonjwa ni upungufu wa akili

Eating snakes. What of those that require the congregation to go to church butt-naked? Or without panties? Crazy ‘shepherds’ and gullible people are many.

Just for that wataenda Motoni.