After all the insults from Sonko and Miguna, Evans Kidero is having the last laugh

Evans Kidero might be all the nasty things he has been called on this forum. But none of these bite as hard as the insults he received from both Mike Impeached Sonko and Christophus Abuonji Miguna. The insults were fast, personal and sometimes bordering on plain criminal.

The former Nairobi CEO held his cool through all this, and continued to lead a quiet, private life with an occasional game of golf sprinkled with some grass planting. Though I have never quite seen him smile, it must be quite a relief that he has been somewhat vindicated by the ineptness of Mike Sonko and the almost juvenile clumsiness displayed by Miguna. It is almost poetic that the beginning of the end for Sonko was the public tirade against Pelican Maina Njamba, a bossom friend of Kidero.

Mike Sonko and Christophus Miguna were amusing to watch. But unfortunately, compared to the man Kidero (who they despised with a passion) both men were political midgets, and almost comical in their shortcomings

Sonko was a fool huwezi kuwa with so many deep pocketed enemies halafu unatusi the most powerful man in kenya hata kama ni pombe have people to check you

kukojolea uhuru ni ngori…joho na babu waliingia mkundu ya babuon ndani kabisa:D

Sonko alimwiita kamwana nini?

ati ’ Uhuru ako na mapua refu kazi ya kenya imemshinda sasa ameamua kuwa SUPER GAVANA wa Nairobi kurukaruka usiku na bibi yake Raira’ :D:D:D

banae :D:D
alikuwa mlevi…sasa ni kulamba ujeuri:D

Christophus Abuonji Miguna- [SIZE=6]Chris[/SIZE]

:smiley: :smiley:

But hii sweep ni kali.


Sonko is a perfect case of self cannibalism. Yeye ndio amejikula. Hakuwa anataka kuambiwa,kiburi na self entitlement. Kama angekuwa na advisers they could have taught to tame his mouth.
That’s why Raila huwa haachani na orengo na Anyang juu hawa ndio brain yake. Mkitoa akina orengo Raila is just a football commentator.

:oops: angoo kua serious

hii tackle ata mimi siwezi kuashia bana:D

Raila has some deep innate survival skills outside Orengo and Anyang Nyango. Remember he escaped the gallows with his life after the 1982 coup, and dodged many subsequent missiles from Moi. I eben think Orengo and Nyonga misled him a little during the Mau debacle. That forest eviction, coupled with the bad advice to evict Arror from the party cost him the 2013 elections and a shot at the Presidency. Raila has never commented on anything Mau since

When did he said that? It would have surely made some serious headlines.

Leave political discussions to experts.

Uongo ni vile Moi alisamehea yeye juu ya jaramogi odinga. That’s how he survived juu ya babake walikuwa on good terms na moi. He could have faced the gallow like ochuka.

Ata si juu ya hivi. baba made a deal with moi, apeane all coup plotters, asamehewe, aliandika list ya wote na wakamalizwa


really negroe