After a sad week for KTalkers,tufanyeni hivi in memory of KList Admin...

Kila mtu apige picha of where they are when they see this post alafu forever utakuwa unaangalia hii picha utapost ama ata video as a memory of where you were when Klist Died and to the Birth of KTalk;
I go first.
Just checked into a hotel for the night and hoping to get laid tonight as i know some ex of mine from way back when in this town.


Hakuna mtu amesema uweke picha ya kwako,i just said weka picha ama kideo yoyote as your own memorium.

Kabambe yangu imekataa ku upload.

I’m having a meeting with myself alone in a bar with a cold guiness.

No women, no loud music.

Where would I rather be?


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wapi mbisha ya EX?!

[ATTACH=full]1668[/ATTACH] Watching some alkebab propaganda on my fresh hackintosh




iyo mbisha ni incomplete.wapi ‘ex wa yours from way back’?