AfroJiri SACCO

[ATTACH=full]60460[/ATTACH] Habari zenyu?

Morning all,nice week ahead

I am too lazy to go to work…I might call in sick. I have two hours to think about it.

Gd morning

good morning swallow saliva et all



Good morning all good talkers. The not so good wakae kando. Blessed day and a blessed week.
It’s a new month. You ain’t getting any younger therefore make the right choices.

Regrets @11am

Been wondering where the happy new month brigade is…

@Afro ulikuwa wapi?

Happy new month wangesema on Saturday.
Today the month is on its 3rd day. Hardly new.

its a new week. be blessed all talkers

what a bright day!. just 8.00 and it looks like 11. it’s like the nyeri winter is finally gone…

Hope its gone. I fear for you people now. Ile jua itawatwanga…only the gods know. Halafu a layer of fine ochre coloured dust everywhere… I spent sometime there I know

afadhali jua bana. hii baridi mpaka mwili unarudi ndani haileti raha…:D:D:D:D

Just Up and about… kuna pesa nilikua nakimbiza ilikua ina-play hard to get but eventually inakuja.