Afrojiri SACCO

Mko vipi wadau? How was everyones weekend? Amkeni tukatafute,kumekucha

Guz morning. Have a great week.

Morning talkers,wish you a fruitful week


A beaut day and week y’all…
Trumpet vine

Fruitful week everyone

Wonderful day people

Congrats to kipchoge, the man can really run[ATTACH=full]193742[/ATTACH]

Weka thafai michege maramata mikengeria migwa nugu chonge karìaria mifangi ndothua migagatio etc
A good day to you and all villagers. … can this gava make thikaroad 15 lanes on both sides ?

:sunny:Quote of the Day​:sunny:

Common sense is genius dressed in its working clothes. -Baby Panay

And good fortunes already his way


I hate Mondays since my pre-school years.:rolleyes:

Hey you…uko fiti?

Me too

Hey hun… All good, busy though



siku njema majirani

Back to the city from Maanzoni. PCM PNC hangovers PEP in tow…

Wow!!! It’s Monday people! Have a fruuitful week