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Jumanne njema kwa wote


[SIZE=3]kumwaga ni haramuu[/SIZE]

Heavenly father, We want to start off by thanking You for today, and this Week. To those who are in a tight situation, We pray that You just make their paths clear Lord. Allow them to realize that the plans You have for us are AMAZING plans. And as Your children we should trust in Your unfailing love for us. We love You so much Father, and know that we want to glorify You through every single thing that we do… put Your hand over every person and be a lamp unto their feet and guide them where You want them to do. In Your Perfect and Holy Name I pray and Belive.

We really need to get back to normal life, Elections must be held without fail for that to happen. We Kenyans are always hopeful and it keeps us going. We hope for the best. Good day talkers.

  1. Amu gũũkũ thĩ tũtirĩ na itũũra rĩgũtũũra, nĩgũcaria tũcaragia itũũra rĩrĩa rĩgooka thuuthainĩ.

  2. Gwatuĩka ũguo-rĩ, nĩtũrutagĩre Ngai igongoona rĩa kũmũgooca na ũndũ wa Jesũ, na nĩrĩo igongoona rĩrĩa tũrutaga na tũnua twitũ tũkiumbũra rĩĩtwa rĩake.

  3. Ningĩ-rĩ, mũtikaanariganĩrwo nĩgwĩkanaga wega mũndũ na ũrĩa ũngĩ o na gũteithania na kĩrĩa mwĩ nakĩo, amu magongoona ta macio nĩ mo makenagia Ngai.


a beaut day y’all…


[SIZE=1]Brazilian plume/flamingo flower[/SIZE]

May God bless us all.

Have a fruitful day wadau

Kenya Power finally lit up the neighbourhood. Very nice.

Ni haramu lakini kuna mtu atalala njaa na mwingine hatang’oa lock…

Siku njema wanakijiji.
Regional manager @wonderful wonder nko mtaa yako leo.

hii ungeweka under Jubilee development:)

Happy Moi day to all talkers who used to celebrate the holiday.

Wapi??? Niambie nikupick bora usiniitishe fombe

Mtu wa mwisho kuhama nasa awache kama amerudisha mlango on his way out

Well talk later wacha nifanye kazi kwanza

Good people wishing you a good day.

Ferk new constitution. Superhighway would be clear today.

'Not all leaders reached Canaan ’ baba yenu alisema !

Meria Mata hii ni rolly gani?

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mchoyo wewe