Afrojiri Sacco

God has a divine plan for your life. Like Peter, however, Jesus needs you to step out of the boat so that you may progress towards your greater purpose. The boat symbolizes your comfort zone. It is the place you return to when it appears,
God isn’t doing things when and how you planned. Resist the urge to be stuck. Get out of the boat!

Nice 1 MM. Have a great 1

gays with their prayers

Wahitaji maombi. Njoo uombewe Dada


Who’s gay? I missed the memo.

Dominus vobiscum

Have Great Saturday Talkers

Ninaacha pombe sasa

I am sure I can find a similar comment by you if I looked

Not as easy as it seems ,but I encourage you to start with moderation .

Et cum spiritu tuo,


Morning talkers.

Huyu anahitaji matombi.

Ma what now? :D:D:D:D:D

Good morning? Kesha iliisha?

Yeah, walimaliza just before 5.Something has to be done.


Ma-sinuses zimeamua kuact up, but bado naenda kuwatch those rugby studs do their thing. I’m sure my day will start looking up when I get a glance of all those tight buns… Hehe

Reminds me of a flat we used to live in @ migadini…kesha from Friday to Sunday.
We had to move out after I got my first baby.

Morning to you