Siku njema kwako KTalker.


[SIZE=2]El wak, Mandera[/SIZE]

Uko huko? Nice place

Today is Maandamano Friday…


Good morning too Wadau, blessed Friday
As our rule, everything in moderation

a beaut friday y’all, remember everything in modereshen…


[SIZE=1]silver vase[/SIZE]

@Nefertities Do you ever get clobbered?


Nope. I just post a photo of a random place in Kenya every AFj Sacco. .

Gayshwin are these edible?

You portray the demeanor of a malnourished female.

Call me when the first letter in your username is capitalised!

You didn’t strike me as the type to nitpick.

nein, just ornamental.

Heavenly Father, I thank You for the dawn of a new day! Thank You for Your blessings upon my life and my family. I give You all the praise and honor, because this is the day You’ve made, and You are mighty and worthy indeed!
All honor and glory belongs to You. With You, I will do the impossible, I will not fail. My past is no longer important, because You, Oh Lord, are my future.

Depends on whether you’re human, beast or spirit.

Go pray with @Ka-Buda in the back of his truck. Remember to wear kneepads.


ulirudi na uchokosh

Good day to all.

Early morning sweep, ile radi itakupiga yavuka Likoni ferry saa hii