Afrojiri Sacco

Eti bayern walifanywa aje?
Fungeni macho tuone.
Praise the Lord!!!
The battle is not yours Commit your ways to Him and He will Send His ARMIES to fight for you.
SEE HOW GOD FIGHTS FOR YOU THIS WEEKEND. Exo 23:28 I will send the hornet ahead of you to drive the Hivites, Canaanites and Hittites out of your way. (Hornets are the largest of the eusocial wasps) No one will stand before you for Gods army goes before you to scatter your enemies in Jesus name.
Shalom Shalom Shalom Shalom.

Siku njema kwako KTalker.


[SIZE=2]Pori, Meru County[/SIZE]

Good day too,

Blessed day talkers

Hoping today is a better day. Yesterday I was robbed at toy gun point. It looked real enough to me; I didn’t want to confirm the authenticity. At 8 pm under a street lamp that was installed over a month ago but still not working. Stole only 600 bob lol. That’s what you get for robbing a dude walking to the neighbourhood kiosk.


Utahama kayole lini??

Sihami! But next time nikitoka nje that late I’ll have a screwdriver with me. Puncture the lung of anyone threatening. From now on am with those who have roast meat every time one of these kids gets dropped.

Pole, lakini iwe funzo kwako you stop loitering around at night like a witch. Lazima ulijikojolea at the sight of the gun.:smiley:

Pole Bro. Thats why you see guys celebrating here everytime one of these thugs is dropped.

Haha. That’s the thing. I did not believe it was real… but there was a small chance that it was so I just did what he said.

Pole sana bro,

Asante kwa kutii amri, better safe than sorry

never try to find out wether ni bonoko ama ni real. just imagine kukufa juu ya some little money kama 600bob…

Morning talkers. Napitia tu.
Meanwhile mtu ako biz ya funeral services anione. Kitunguu inawesa nuka.


Pole sana, nishawaipatwa kwa nyumba pia na toy gun … I didn’t want to know whether it was a toy or not truth be told I was more scared of the other four with machetes .:D:D

leta hekaya Mrs. ES,

Morning talkers.

@Afro hizi booklets ni aje?