Afrojiri Sacco

Time check 05:01 hrs
Wake up and hustle

Locashen check masaku cowndy, no mbisha today

a beaut day y’all…


[SIZE=1]spider lily[/SIZE]

It’s gonna be a good day. Keep the faith. Wonderful day talkers.

Thank you for the gift of life oh Lord. We surrender every situation to You and leave it at Your feet. Over and over in Scriptures it is evident that You hear and answer Our Prayers. King David wrote that he has never seen the righteous forsaken or his seed begging for bread. We stand on this promise Heavenly Father and trust wholeheartedly in Your ability to provide all our needs. May You fill this Day with abundant blessings. Protect our children in schools. Bless the works of our hands, In Jesus name we pray and Belive.

Teach me how to pray ES!!

Sawa mresh

Pan tambua morning sacco Mimi bado Niko usiku sana sacco huku kwa Lee kinyanjui

Na mbona mumefunga embu police station?

Kujengeana nchi ndo area code naelekea sai. Blessed day majamaa


Good day all.

Say hi to senator, like father like daughter.

Morning good people.
Whatever has a beginning has an end. Pain and suffering included.

RIP dad. Its been some 5 yes of pain n years.



Anybody shot today? Siku mini sijakula nyama.

Good day talkers.

Uliokoka lini?


My deepest condolences to you and your family. MHRIP

May His Soul Rest in Peace

Sio lazima uwe umeokoka ndio uombe

Morning talkers,
Lazy day for me.Waiting for the school bus with my ninjas…I am watching them playing and laughing and I envy them…
How nice it is to be so care free.

@Thagichu. Pole sana.