Afrojiri sacco

Holy Father of mercy, God of all comfort. We come to You this morning full of thanksgiving. We worship You because Your redeeming love is so powerful. Thank You for Your son Jesus whose sacrifice brought us forgiveness and hope. By His stripes we ask for healing for those of us who are sick. Lord Jesus, just one touch heals the sick and restores the broken. May You extend Your healing hand and restore their health Lord. We ask for Your guidance in the activities of the day. Walk with us Lord and bless us together with all our families. Bless our going out and coming in. In Jesus name we pray and Belive.
Gd morning.
Kiuliso tu, in the upcoming presidential election, are other guys allowed to stand?





Siku njema my fellow Kenyans.




Yeah anyone can now join the race to statehouse

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Yes ES, it is a fresh erecshen anyone can stand.

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Hehehe, okay.
Time for ES to make a name for himself. Nitakua kwa debe

A beaut day y’all

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Great day villagers

Will there be another solo debate for babuon?