Africa's New Superpower

This country may not be that stable… But it seems it might be growing to become the superpower of Africa and will officially dethrone Egypt SouthAfrica and Nigeria

They have the best airline in Africa…

long live ethiopia

Ngoja wale wa “kenya is the most advanced country in the region”. “Have you been to Egypt?, its backwards”. Wanakuja…

Have you been to Ethiopia … outside Addis Ababa? Now them nuccas are real backwards.

Ndio nyinyi…umewacha mbogi wapi?

Ethiopians are not Negores They are a mix of Mediterraneans and Negroes

lol… The only way to detrone Nigeria is through population… A bigger population means a bigger consumer market and bigger economy. Thats why China and India will be top 3 most powerful countries in 2050, followed by other big population countries such as Brazil, Indonesia…

[COLOR=rgb(40, 50, 78)]Ever tried to bribe their police?

Africa has a higher population than North America and Europe too. It’s birth rate is high and though the death rate is high the population will still increase tremendously nonetheless and at 2050 Im expecting it to be having a very high population. So where will it be in that 2050 as you’ve said a bigger population means a bigger consumer market and economy

Our leaders and their enforcers the police hate ordinary Kenyans and we disgust them kama panya zimekufa zikaozea ndani ya ceiling. if it were up to them, they would just line us up and kill us all ndio tuwache kuwasumbua wakikula pesa yetu.

In fact, were it not that they still need young vaginas to fuck with stolen loot, and houseboys to wash their big machines, they would have done it and not blinked an eye. That is why they regularly unleash their fear-inducing enforces to mete out violence with giant clubs to remind us hatuko ligi moja. It is how they say “lanes nigga lanes, keep to your dirty lanes and let us eat”

Africa is a big continent and is underpopulated compared to its size… Africa is very unproductive, just like Nigeria is and even China. There is a reason why China is still condisered a developing country… It still has a low gdp per capita compared to other countries because its still unproductive just like India is but slowly rising.

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Ethiopia has a long way to go

Ethiopia ni power broker. China ilipitia Ethiopia kuingia Africa

I would like to congratulate the Ethiopians for what they have done,they are doing and what they are planing to do. I think it is the most progressing country in Africa at the moment. Though it would not be easy to outdo other countries with higher populations like Nigeria and South Africa. The higher the population of a country the higher the developments. High population creats good markets food goods and services which are the factors that leads to economic growth. It seems that the frontline leaders in are sober and they understand why the citizens elected them into the offices and various positions. They have decuded to perform their duties, unlike other leaders who misuse the public money if they get an opportunity.