Africans...are we wired differently from other races?

Why is it that it’s only a black child in America whose toy is a gun? Why is it that it’s only a black man who’ll sell his people to slavery? Why is it that it’s only a black man who blames others for his failures? Why is it that no black man has discovered anything that has changed the world? Why is it that a black man instead of combining his good traditions with modernity to create a morally upright society prefers to ape everything wrong with western culture? Why is it that a well educated African still behaves in a uncouth way in the company of fellow Africans? Why do we shun our own and embrace foreigners?

i have mixed feelings about your post because it is full of generalizations and sweeping statements (the redundancy is deliberate for emphasis!).

The White (US) kid’s toy is a real gun…
Africans would not sell their fellow Africans to slavery if the nice white man did not provide the market…


Sasa wewe shida yako hiko na nani? America, black man, slavery , morally upright society, educated Africans, Africa ama foreigners? Pick one … tuone vile tunaweza kusaidia.


Museveni akujie ngombe yake moja imepotea.$largeimg215_Mar_2013_095126600.jpg


Yeah. And why would they not read the post and digest it fully then try and come up with sensible answers instead of struggling to shut people down.

Hii ni ngombe ya pili. If a white man in the 70’s when your mom had hard tits wrote the book below thought positively, wewe uko na shida. Read widely!


Watu nanahesabu pesa wewe unahesabu ngombe za museveni. una shares uko?

Gosh! It’s a figure of speech, means you are an idiot. :smiley:

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Weh wacha,
soma hiyo kwanza ndio useme mwafrika hajainvent kitu


get your facts right before posting bullcrap here [ATTACH=full]8165[/ATTACH]


Preach bro! “Wanjikus” have landed online with their ignorance.

that’s a lot of beef right there…

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andika mzuri. unakaa kama una kigugumizi cha maandishi…

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Wanjiku is NOT the Kenyan word for a blonde…


ni watu wako gauge ama ni nini inaendelea hapa sielewi.

Badala ya matusi…y can’t this turn into an educative thread…yaaaaniiii…

Why is it that the richest man in history was a black man?

Our history was destroyed. Hidden. Re written to weaken future generations of Africans.

We can change this though. We still have vast natural resources, human will power…




hii kitabu was a reference by one of my lecturers. where can I get a soft copy