African free trade bloc opens for business. This is the Birth Of Africa's USA

54 African countries began officially trading under a new continent-wide free trade area on Friday, after months of delays caused by the global coronavirus pandemic.

But experts view the New Year’s Day launch as largely symbolic with full implementation of the deal expected to take years.

The African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) aims to bring together 1.3 billion people in a $3.4 trillion economic bloc that will be the largest free trade area since the establishment of the World Trade Organization.

Backers say it will boost trade among African neighbours while allowing the continent to develop its own value chains. The World Bank estimates it could lift tens of millions out of poverty by 2035.

But obstacles - ranging from ubiquitous red tape and poor infrastructure to the entrenched protectionism of some of its members - must be overcome if the bloc is to reach its full potential…

[COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]Now we only need 1 currency and 1 passport

so comb me, can we import stuff cheaply from Nigeria or S.A.? what about comesa and sadc? ecowas? deals? ’ or it’s just another illusion.

Good stuff. But one currency is a big no.
I was actually looking at some opportunity from TZ.

Non-starter like the AU.

Haiendi mahali as long as parasites exist throughout the continent. And they’re many.

I can’t wait to watch Magufuli put the delusions of this imaginary union to rest at Namanga when he bans/burns Kenyan agricultural produce at the border.

Achome vifaranga tena:D:D:D:D

MAGUFULI should be made chair of AFRICAN UNION…hawa black arabs wameshindwa na kazi

@Ndindu in a nutshell. One can’t fail to see the bitterness and frustration behind his extremes of cynicism/optimism on the subject of race relations. You might be suffering from a mental illness and you don’t even know it.

The same Magufuli who has been chair and champion numero uno for SADC??? You think this is only between Kenya and Tanzania?

Hapo kwa one currency na passport ina come through… Me having home in Senegal, estate in Niger, Grocery in Egypt

Senegal is one underrated place

As good as it sounds , There isn’t much infrastructure to support this… especially in central Africa and in the Sahel region.

Megafool will be nauseated if the trade deal involves Kenya

Nice physical planning. Shida video imechapwa filter sana, kwani ni ya tiktok?

So Egypt and Ethiopia will sit down and agree to trade with each other?:slight_smile:

This ting is good because it will cause the collapse of poor leadership in africa.

Hakuna venye magufuli like behaviours will be tolerated,we shall raise money and bail someone to take over biashara inoge.

Going nowhere, we are so corrupt, ngoja uone vile wenye mizigo watakamuliwa at borders. Not worth the paper it was printed on.

Regional economic blocs have for the most part- failed to achieve anything of note.

So what will make this one any different?

The currency part is funny.

Like any African President, used to printing currency in elections would willingly give up their source of looting and financial mismanagement.

On top of that, what is the backing of this currency and who controls that backing of the currency?

Who prints the currency and who gets access to it?

Ndoto mingi sana for a group of people that have failed in every economic bloc they’ve created- EAC, SADC, PTA/COMESA, ECOWAS etc