AFRICAN Countries

International personages of high prestige have asserted that Africans were given independence, so that they can make stupid decisions independently.

It was not given, it cost lots of blood !!!


I have a lot to say on this subject lakini wacha ninyamaze. By the way why did south Africans, botswana ,Zimbabweans and Namibians get their independence so late?

Then Africans do not value their sweat and blood. Why should you pay such a high price to have natives colonise their own brethren?

kwanza I refuse to subscribe to whatever shit your selling
we Built pyramids, period, we masters
No caterpillars, it was just a lot of niggas
A lot of great THINKERS and a lot of great INVENTORS .

That was before mjisahau.

The future looks promising I will be nice to you and let you work on the fields at night so you don’t get skin burned

Without exception history has chronicled the missteps made by the so called developed nations- Piracy, slave trade, colonization, racism, genocide, exploitation, pollution, appropriation and theft of cultural artefacts…

Toa Botswana hapo because it got independence in the 1960’s. The Brits and other Europeans intended to create settler colonies like New Zealand, Canada and Australia. Even the Portuguese had to be chased out of Angola and Mozambique, they were not ready to leave.

You havent answered exhaustively. Its true the likes of algeria, south africa, zambia, Angola and kenya were settler colonies…yet the likes of kenya and algeria and Zambia got independence early unlike the likes of south africa and zimbawe…why

South Africa already had independence, but it was white-minority rule until 1994. Zimbabwe (then Rhodesia) also had tried to declare independence under a white party led by Ian Smith, so I think the two nations had some legal and economic complications (the whites didn’t want to let go) and Namibia was also technically ruled by apartheid South Africa at some point.

Now we are heading somewhere…the economic value of south africa together with the frontline states was too great to let go.

How was your Christmas bwana @sani ?

We gave whites civilization

You might want to think again! The precision with which the stones that make up the pyramids were put together doesn’t even have room for a razor blade between them, the pyramids are laid out in exact arrangement constellation of stars, some of those blocks of stone weigh more than modern cranes can carry…nenda danganya Masai!

If it’s true there was a decline,then Africans must be the people who experienced the decline and are now rising again.

Even here people argue we are at the bottom of human race,then those at the top can not have experienced the decline and still be at the top.

Mzungu succeed in erasing our identity and history. Ndio unaona in the 70s to 90s Africans used to hate themselves so much that they opted to bleach their skin so as to fit in.
The current generation watu wameanza kufunguka, wameanza kuquestion, wameanza kuresearch about pre colonial Africa and civilization. We are rising polepole the only thing pulling us down ni the ruling class in Africa, wote are colonial puppets. Tukiweza kuwatoa and elect young sensible leaders we shall prosper.

Bonobos are shitting in the open when the Romans built the Cloaca Maxima in 600 BC.

100 BC queen shebba from Ethiopia traveled to Israel for diplomatic reasons.

She probably walked from Axum to Sudan through Egypt into Israel Suez canal didn’t exist.