African bonobos


Chief wachana na kuharibu jina yetu. If we cant hve positive minds we will never win. Bavarians want independence from Germany, but do you ever see it as world news?

Please sir, kindly stop your inferiority complex. Africans in Africa have really suffered greatly through slavery, senofobia and colonialism.

Clearly the white man is directly responsible for these five murders. Trump himself has created fear among the black people leading to senofobia. Trump hates bald, black men and he is therefore spreading these rumours in the African hinterland because he wants the gold and oil in Mozambique. It is that simple. It is about the oil. Black people are naturally not violent but whites create tension and stress leading to murder. Then white men with their beards step in and scoop the oil into their lorry and go away with it to create products.

Signed: Wakanda committee.

Hahahaha. I agree with you. We was kings and queens

BBC News
[SIZE=7]Mozambique police warn bald men after ritual attack[/SIZE]

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Image copyrightGETTY IMAGES
Image captionSome people believe that the heads of bald men contain gold

Bald men in Mozambique could be targets of ritual attacks, police have warned, after the recent killing of five men for their body parts.
Two suspects have been arrested in the central district of Milange, where the killings occurred.
“The belief is that the head of a bald man contains gold,” said Afonso Dias, a police commander in Mozambique’s central Zambezia province.
Albino people have also been killed in the region for ritual purposes.
Three men have been killed in the past week alone.

The BBC’s Jose Tembe in the capital, Maputo, says police think the notion of a bald head containing gold is a ruse by witchdoctors to get clients to take a person’s head to them.

“Their motive comes from superstition and culture - the local community thinks bald individuals are rich,” Commander Dias is reported as having told a press conference in Maputo.

The suspects are two young Mozambicans aged around 20, the AFP news agency reports.

A regional security spokesman, Miguel Caetano, told AFP that one of the victims had his head cut off and his organs removed.

The organs were to be used in rituals to advance the wealth of clients in Tanzania and Malawi, Mr Caetano said, citing the suspects.

There has been a spate of killings of people with albinism in East Africa in recent years, with their body parts used to make charms and potions by witchdoctors.

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People who never see beyond the sensationalized content. Too lazy to lift the carpet and see down under but too fast to share and condemn the man in the mirror.
You are worse than the colonizers and we will never emancipate our race if your are allowed to continue breeding.

Gold kwa kipara, are people just having a mental capacity of a spiny anteater? And why is it self hate when one comments on it? Oh wait,it makes the rest of the bonobos look bad righ?[SIZE=1]stoopid bonobos[/SIZE]