Africa & Poverty...

Floyd Mayweather on"CHARITY".

[Floyd Mayweather: Why should I donate money to Africa? What has Africa done for me?]

I know this video has been circulating on internet, Why do most people assume most Africans are ravaged by poverty and in dire need of stupid donations… It’s his money and he can as well use it or take it where he deems fit… He can also use it on drugs and later become a junkie/bankrupt like his predecessor Mike Tyson. This stereotype of Africa and poverty should never be encouraged… We may not be all that wealthy materially but our traditions and culture are very rich…


why does he have to give Africa money? I actually support him on this

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What is Africa?? This guy probably has no idea that Africa is not a country…his money would actually do nothing for “Africa” but he is right anyway its his money

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true dat,thea’s a section, i quote "if i run out of cash, will them Africa come to help me.Yenyewe the Nigga has a point,SMH

Just like the infamous sirikal saidia phrase back home, somehow cant blame the nicca

pesa ni yake…he can do whatever he deems right…

what can $200m do in Africa?

shs 1.8 billion

Africa is rich. that’s why we had a Maasai clan offer cattle after the 911 disaster in America. that is the kind of ‘richness’ you cannot put a price on. Mayweather can do all he wants with his money but comments like these are in extremely bad taste.

You are right, the nigga has no idea Africa is a continent.

Mayweather hapo aliongea Kama elder

Si ata wenye mnasupport the idea that he should be doing charity, why dont you take your things, some really useless stuff life fridge microwaves and shit upeleke kwa poor children’s home watoto wakuwe wanazitumia??? The guy said he isnt getting beaten up so that he can give his money away. How much of your income goes to charity?? The guy is just like you.

mayweather awachwe na psa zake ataziwacha tu akienda

These two elders have very different approaches to issues .One of them is way much wiser while the other is a let down to the title Elder…sijasema jina bt kijana will prove me right na reply yake tu sai.

@highschooler nazani huyu mujamaa anasema juu yako. He’s doubting your village elder-ism lakini hapana quote mimi

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wachana na huyu FAPIAN MBORO

Sasa which elder talks like this???