africa and christianity


1- Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints- $67.0 billon

2- Catholic Church - $30 billion +

3- Catholic Church Australia- $20.9 billion

4- Catholic Church Germany- $25.0 billion

5-Church of England $7.8 billion

6-Opus Dei (part of the Catholic Church) Italy- $2.8 billon

7-Church of Scientology- $2.0 billon


Christ Embassy
No Pentecostal church at all.

1 Bishop Oyedepo - $150 Million
2 Bishop TD Jakes - $147 Million
3 Pastor Chris Oyakhilome - $50 Million
4 Pastor Benny Hinn - $42 Million
5 Pastor Adeboye - $39 Million
6 Pastor Creflo Dollar - $27 Million (He used to be #1)
7 Pastor Kenneth Copeland - $25 Million
8 Evangelist Billy Graham - $25 Million
9 Prophet TB Joshua - $10 Million
10 Pastor Joseph Prince - $5 Million

Observe again that none of the 4 richest churches mentioned have their leaders on this list of the Richest Pastors.

The Pope is not there.
The Arch Bishop of Canterbury is not there.
The Bishop of Opus Dei is not there.
The Director of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is not there.


6 out of the 10 Richest Pastors are blacks , with their congregation being predominantly black .

4 out of the 10 richest Pastors have their churches in Nigeria, the poverty capital of the world, the 147th most corrupt nation of the world, the home to the second deadliest terrorist group, the most unsafe place to give birth to in the world.

Observe as well that the Richest Churches are situated in

1- USA
2- Vatican City
3- England

These are amongst the safest, less corrupt and most prosperous Nations.

What a Paradox!! Jesus Christ fed the multitude, but in Nigeria the multitude feed the Men of God and General Overseers.


BBC Africa
Source of Data used: Wikipedia

Ng’ash wa Kiosk haumi namba banae?

Main problem is they do not have any positive impact on society, apart from fleecing their congregation and enslaving minds.
I hand it to catholics, they have missionaries in education and health and even orphanages.
Let’s not focus on the nagative scandals at the moment.
These other churches, someone please correct me, I do not think they even do any charity work…

Christianity is a big white man lie only the wiser can see this but clogged brained Africans cunt see thus the brainwashing

Religion was created to control the people. Lakini wengi wetu live outside the matrix.

Kenneth Copeland of Copeland Ministries ndio msito as of jana.through his preaching of abundance and prosperity…the normal catch phrase kila mahali, commonly referred to as the prosperity gospel he’s worth $300 million, other reports say Copeland could be worth $750 million or more. This “man of cloth” owns a $17.5 million jet and other aircraft and reportedly lives in a $6.3million lakefront mansion funded by his church. god is not a poor good buana

Personally I believe there is God. A higher power.

@admin we have had enough of God haters. This was posted in religion section why is it here? We are majority Christians please this blasphemous idiots wakina Guka and another poster who wrote about Good Omen series should be deleted.

Yesu sio mama Yao to talk shit about Him. If they can respect their whoring mothers they should also respect Jesus.

God made man and man made religion and religion made man mad.
Only Rasta can liberate the people over hills and valleys too don’t let them fool you don’t believe for a moment that they are with you.

Truman Capote tulia hakuna mtu amemtusi Yesu there is a difference between church and God.

Wapi Kanyari na Chief Commander?

what denomination are you? tuanzie hapo

You’re very wrong. Bila catholic hakungekuwa na hizo vibandaski… Catholism started all this chieth. Hiyo ndio Ile uvundo that attracts flies to shit

Recent data reveals that for the first time, Africa is now home to the most number of Christians in the world. Zambia is the African nation with the highest percentage of Christian residents, with around 95.5 percent of the people living there following the religion.

All atheists please stand up !

@Deez Nuts you will go to hell for your disbelief

religion was created by old bearded men and was edited so many times ‘as a means to an end’ …open your eyes man …

Organised religion is bullshit. The god you worship is powerless. Jesus was also a bastard. Mary was a whore


The bible just documents Jewish tradition but stupid and intellectually challenged people such as people @Starscream take it as divine writings