Africa and Asia

Is Africa and Asia going to be the future of the world?
Will Africans and Asians replace the White man or its just a conspiracy theory put forward by people?

I have gone through some YouTube and they are fronting on how Africans are going to rule the world some years to come followed closely by Asians moreso Indians and Chinese.

In UK, white racist cunts want laws put in place to prevent the immigration of Africans and Indians to their country. Reason being Africans breed like rats and they will start over populating the country. Younger white women in UK also prefer dating and marrying black people (African and Carribean) which shows the rising number of biracial people in the UK.

America is also going through the same predicament. No wonder Trump wanted to chase away immigrants since they will over populate the US and make it a shithole. Case being in early 16th Century US had a 98% White majority fast forward to today it has dropped to 76% and as time goes by it keeps dropping even further by 2050 the number would have dropped to 65%. Blacks and Latinos lead the race with both groups contributing to one third of the population of US (110 million). Typical White families have 1 or 2 kids. Blacks and Latinos have upto 5 or 6 kids. Not forgetting Asians and also Arabs.

Is this just a conspiracy theory?



Am just implying what was said in the YouTube video :D:D:D:D

This ia fodder for Ndindu. Saa hii najua anatype a whole encyclopedia repeating the same thing in every sentence.


Africa will in the future be the center of the world again. Once Africans regain Self Conciousness they will rule the world like in the days of the Moors.

Imagine. The same Africans who are still cattle rustling as the world works on AI and Internet of Things.

Only those who attended Group of Schools will understand the photo.

Really?! The same Africans who are being recolonized afresh? Kenya for example is turning I to a China colony.

@T.Vercetti amecheka hadi akadedi. Wacha aresurrect akuje akosoe hii maneno

Mwenye anataka kujua the true size of the world acheki hii site

Africa needs serious changes to lead the world…

Tall mnyamboh refer me to ur supplier, that stuff is ripe

:D:D:D:D Not my views. Just a video I saw on YouTube

This map means nothing.

Kenya is larger than France, 580,367 km² vs 547,557 km²

[ATTACH=full]351632[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]351633[/ATTACH]

Do you see the difference?

Kumbe we ni mwalimu ndumberi boys?