Afghanistan people are not arabs

Afghan is Persian for pashtun, hence the name “Afghanistan” which means land of pashtun.

Who cares ?

We are all about to become experts on Afghanis. Buckle up for the ride people.

We’re about to have fake professors on matters Afghanistan. Thanks to Wikipedia and Google in general.

Watu hufikiria just because one speaks arabic or practices islam which is arabic, that makes them arabs. Only the Oghyz(semitic turks), Asyrian(semitic syrians), Aramaic(ancient middle easterns), and Ashkenazis(arab jews) are true arabs but intermarrying,migration,wars…have dilluted them. For example in UAE,majority of “arabs” have coloured eyes and very light but original ones are darker and hairy ,case in point,sheikh zayed,his son are indigenous emiratis,the decendants are mixed with afghans,indians and far east asians

Do pure blood Jews still exist in the world today?


Na vile hii Ogiek inaitwa @Bingwa Scrotum hua inasumbua ati ni walalo yet he comes from some group or backward people who havent yet started wipping their asses

jewness is conferred maternally. If a jewman marries a kisii woman, the children are no longer jewish, to become jew they have to pass through initiation rites and even then they will not have the same status and pureborns. biwott had a jew wife, the children are not keiyo but jew and can enjoy every right the jewish state can confer, including automatic citizenship, a passport, a plot of land, a job and a life upon landing at the ben gurion airport.

Besides the remaining aborigines and the andamanians sidhani kuna pureblood of any race,sote tuko mixed at some point down the line

Mkiwa na nani? Speak for yourself Jaluo Jinga Jeuri

Hata jaluo wako mix,chikuyu mix,wewe borana even worse mko hadi na ngamia dna,thats why you act like one

a good arab is six feet under earth