Affordable way to have a Kaspersky Antivirus Kaspersky antivirus particularly Kaspersky Internet Security has been an amazing anti virus. To get convinced check out our article here

but this post is to help guys be able to get a kaspersky antivirus at a really affordable rate and create a community of users.

So tell me guys what you think about this. Check out this video to understand how the service ought to work.

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Hehehe, umejaribu kijana lakini kizungu inakushinda hapo kwa video, nunua kiti poa, hio mbao si inakuumiza and invest in some good lighting i can barely see your face, your voice is also boring.

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hahaha… sawa sawa… @Gecko Moriah but i need more comments on the service… and true, hii kiti ya mbao lazima ibadilishwe… all that will be done with time…
and no one starts out smth perfectly, its always a learning process… there has to be a starting point, au siyo…


ukianza kuuza Bitdefender i will forever be your customer

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Wazi @highschooler . Two things, keep the videos under five minutes. Maybe 3. It’s OK to upload multiple videos in a day if you had several things to say. Two, think of yourself as Betty kyalo(is the only presenter I could think of).
Even if the videos, get three views, keep going.
Otherwise, good job
PS. Ikishika sana upload Ata momo


Betty kyalo. …that’s why I watch news!

Nice work, bruh. Keep it up.

@Deorro we shall look into bit defender… but let me ask you, have you used Kaspersky before?? if so, you think bit defender is better than Kaspersky?? (I have not used bit defender yet, so i would like your input on that)

@evroza much appreciated for the comment. In fact I will be making another video on this. That duration is quite long. and thank you for the encouragment. much appreciated.

@EngineerLMG … thank you bruh… much appreciated…

I think bitdefender is bettrr than Kaspersky. Add it to your shelves

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I use kaspersky and never had issues. effective and takes kidogo space. why should I go bitfender?

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kaspersky is a virus

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