Affordable housing units sold out

this is a classical example of how kenyans love complaints. while there is cahoot of twitter whiners, there is another silently exploiting what the govt has to offer explain to me how all these units in pangani are all sold out

This is Kenya. You obviously know that the units are all sold to well-connected people who will then resell them for a huge profit. Kama zimeuzwa jua sio wananchi wa kawaida wamenunua. And that defeats the entire purpose of the housing projects.

A bunch of well connected people buy from the government at a discount. Then they sell the properties to the public at market rates. That’s what is happening there. You will see the units listed later at market rates.


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i have registered using my id thats why i am able to access it even using my phone, how can i request 610 units using fake id’s on a govt platform

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That’s why I said “well-connected”. You are not well connected so you wouldn’t know. Neither would I.


okay you missed it by a mile, anyways all in all its the poor that will suffer

Are you the target market of those affordable housing scams?

They are all sold out because they were a project that was launched by Uhuru in 2020 and home owners moved in kitambo.


At least 160 lucky Kenyans will become the first owners of the government’s Sh 5 billion affordable housing project under President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Big 4 Agenda.

The govt expects to handover the first block of 160 units in Pangani, Nairobi in February 2021, nine months after the president commissioned the project.



You are very naive, it’s very easy to flag things as sold out from the back end, it happens all the time.

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They are not,i have been to that estate several times, we still have units vacant. I won’t advise anyone to buy those units, very tiny.
Few civils servants i know are regretting the move, they bought but realised they are too tiny and place is crowded with somalis

Ni mwananchi gani wa kawaida alienda kununua offlplan akaambiwa hauziwi? When they were first advertised guys were moaning about how the courts won’t allow them to be built. Serious buyers went ahead and bought. Most Kenyans hukuwa na umblaina flani inbuilt.

The workers taxed hard to build the houses will watch others buy them and they can’t even afford a bag of cement. This is not only wrong but wizi WA mabavu na gaidi mkuu jskslenyeluwere

The idea of affordable housing was born by Kibaki. His idea was the government to build those houses then subsidize their prices, but Uhuru came and did his thing with the Chinese. People bought them affordably and resold them at market prices …case study being Great wall hapo mombasa rd.

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Mitura ndom kei dee eff slayer, you are still the same even after seven years. Ulinyoa push back

this is exactly what i was going to say. hii Kenya cartel are everywhere and they ruin every thing they touch. assholes those ones

The other day nilikuwa nimeenda kujionea zile za Ruiru, and it is also true most of the units have been sold already. Two bedrooms zinatoka na 3.7m and 4.3m, but when I was taken through them, zilikuwa zinakaa tiny, and also crowdy because of many units, hence didn’t see value for Money.
A few kilometers away one can buy land and build a standard 3 bedroom na hio 4.3m.
To each his own, Kuna wengi tayari wamenunua hizo affordable housing units