AFCON 2019 Harambee Stars replica jersey on sale


not buying ata wakiuza 50 bob, where is our national pride.
even without mentioning the countries you know whose these jerseys are for.

Labda ni nunue ya rugby. It has our patriotic flags. Beside that u can get heart attack while watching Hurrumbeee stars. Hawa wazee kukimbia ni shida wako immobile kazi ni kupiga backpass. They never attack coz wanajua wako vulnerable to counter attacks.

Mediocre shit right there. No colors, no design flair. Ni kutafuta tender ya cheapest supplier.

na jamaa wa procurement kula kickbacks
Zambia and Cameroun

nikiona hio yetu naskia kulia, if am the CS sports heads would roll, but then, i dont blame her, Amina is clueless

ya zambia swesmind inaka dohtifamily kimpango

Last time Kenya walivalia kit same name Portugal yet our red is crimson. So today they want to outdo Tunisia and Turkey

Cunt wait to get out of this shithole country

Kuwatch game yao unashinda umeshikilia roho ki-MDVD hata when they are leading by three goals.

Nilijua tu lazima DRC wata- recover hio bao moja na Harambee…bure kabisa.

No one cares about quality in Kenya. I am sure if they had held a competition for jersey designs they would have gotten really great designs that reflect our nation.

Plain,bland no effort put in the design.

We should probably thank God they didn’t put Jomo Kenyatta’s monument on the t-shirts like they did with the money.