Hii game ya Arsenal na WBA ni kama training kwa Arsenal, How is L.v. girl doing? BTW, BABA DID AN ARTICLE IN TODAY’S NATION ABOUT ARSENAL.

ARSENALI mambo byad…Theo Walcot x3 hatrick…now bring in Gnabry or Oxlade


Stoke city 5-0 Liverpool as at half time. Now for me that’s the shocking upset of the day.


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Hull city, Burnley , QPR relegated…ni team gani zinakuja premier league sasa?

Newcastle ilisurvive? Norwich inacheza playoffs na Middlesbrough kesho.

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Why is it christened “The most expensive game in the premier League”?

The winner stands to get more than 100 million pounds after being promoted to the EPL. Imagine that.

No wonder teams huingia league na vishindo.

Hiyo ni pesa ya TV rights pekee yaje which can even go up to 120 million pounds for a promoted team. Mind you Sky Sports paid more than 5 billion pounds to renew their TV rights in the UK.

Swali yangu ilikuwa ni team gani tatu zinakuja Premier

Norwich City, Bornemouth and Watford