Afadhali kukaa single

Heh!!! I have read the story of Mister Yoda wah I am still wondering kama ni story ama ni kweli. Here I was thinking relationships zimenionyesha mambo. I feel like I was born yesterday. Eish!!! And I am very sure that this is alot younger than me. May God deliver me from wickedness in Jesus name.

Wacha niwaambie ukweli many of these marriages you are so proud of are just built on lies. Marriage has become a kind of a brothel where the end justify any means. It’s a game which has no rules. You can do whatever the heck you want as long as you keep it pushing.

Kwanzaa ile merry go round iko corporate world is just shocking. It has gotten to the point where lazima uzalie boss ndio upate promotion. I saw a mum of 3 break her marriage after kuzalia boss yake na Mungu ni nani mtoto alitokea photocopy ya huyo boss.

Its like you have to be very wicked and cunning to survive in these marriages and have a the devil may care but not me attitude. You put your life, your emotions, your future, your health in somebody’s hands and they’re just playing Russian rollette with it behind your back.

We may say women are bad but who is faithful in marriage? Even men have kids out there enough of them especially since women nowadays are so desperate and cheap as long as you have a little money you can have 50 baby mommas majority hata hawakusumbui na mambo ya child court what they want is just a child.

When we were growing up marriage looked so nice, people were so committed and disciplined , nowadays kumeoza on all sides. Your husband impregnating all your female relatives, mwingine anafugia Bibi kwa room anenda kwa maid. Wives nao wamedecide what a man can do a woman can do best.

Things are bad. Bad, bad, bad kabisa. If you are married and you are not yet HIV thank your God bcz kwanza in Kenya umalaya yenye iko is just too shocking for life. I always ask myself is it so hard to just be faithful. There’s a very big problem in this society bcz by the time HIV new infection is higher among married people than in geys and prostitutes COMBINED things are bad.

Kitambo I used to think maybe it’s a phase people go through in their 20s and 30s like growing pains but now men in their late 40s have the highest new infection rate for HIV. Maybe it’s mid life crisis but imagine beginning to take ARVs in your 50s? Sometimes you must weigh the cost and benefits of your choices. What do you gain from such lifestyles. In the end nothing good can come of these immoral lifestyles. The Wages of sin is death literally. If by your late 40s that truth hasn’t dawned on you, God help you.

If you have been betrayed pole. I wish I could say I knew how you feel but I don’t. Maybe Jesus is the One who understands the pain of being betrayed and disappointed by humans He’s invested so much in on daily basis. All I can tell you is that marriage is not for the faint hearted. Mambo Zina endelea huko inabidi uwe Roho juu kama baharia in choppy waters. Bure utarukwa na akili or you kill someone and end up in jail. Nakwambia ni kubaya. And I am saying that as an outsider like election observers from EU. Lol. Anyway Maisha ni kuvumilia coz tutafanini sasa. We can’t all be single. Majority must face the music squarely to bring another generation. It’s so frustrating when you put everything into a relationship and then you are betrayed, it’s so excruciating. Please before you do this to someone just reconsider the damage and pain you are about to cause. It is so cruel and heartless.
BTW her husband is HIV positive but God protected her she’s negative.

Interesting how you have turned this into a men bashing diatribe despite the fact that the man is the victim.

I am just trying to be an equal opportunity basher. He bashed the women. I bash the men. No need to belabor a point that’s been milked to death. Why aren’t we talking about the men who have kids all over the place that they don’t even take care of? Let’s not act like men are angels bcz truth be told all these nasty behaviors women learn them from men. If you look at lesbian vs gey relationships you will know that men are like 100 times more promiscuous. Look I feel sorry for the guy, I do but marriage in this country has just gone to the dogs. If you are safer screwing another man and or a prostitute than your own spouse, what does that say about married folk in Kenya that they are even more promiscuous than gey people who are known to be the most promiscuous demographic in the world. It’s tragic. Let’s not turn this into a gender war bcz there’s casualties on both sides of the divide. I don’t know any man IRL going through this so I can only talk about what I know and what I have seen IRL.

Either way, shit happens, he’s a man, he’ll get over it. Let’s not encourage pity parties over here. It’s very unafrican for a circumcised man to be soliciting for sympathy on the internet. He should suck it up and move on with out missing a beat. Leave this pity party male movements to white men bcz they are not circumcised. Women go through alot worse and you don’t see them see them looking for sympathy online incessantly and joining God forsaken cults like mgtow and Red peels. Show me a man who has been through what this woman has been through and I vow to never bash men again. Stop being cry babies. You’re grown men. It’s pathetic.

That story of Mister Yoda has some serious holes. What marriage is this that you see your wife 3 weeks in a year. Foreign employers always make accommodations for the wife. If the guy really wanted a wife, he would have moved her with him. I think he wanted a wife without the responsibilities. Kazi ni kuvisit na kumwaga. Any woman will leave you in such a situation.

You are right, he should have stayed single.

You never have any data to support your claims. Hii mambo ya ku fish postulations from your backside utawacha lini?

Jojina hatutoki kwa ndoa. It is a beautiful thing if you have the right person…furthermore the creation of mini me’s is a blessing from God.
Mr Yoda has nothing to worry about. Only if wants to. He made wrong choices and he is trying to rectify things at his own pace. He should cut ties with them but that is also solely his choice.

Let’s call Lyn Ngugi to find this woman utaskia majabu after trying to paint himself as a Saint like ule alikua Tuko, kumbe amezalisha 3 women.

Pls don’t remind me that story. Hiyo creepy noogle kwanza got me really triggered when he gave Helen an ultimatum in her ‘absence’. Then Helen came and dismantled the story to smitherens. So yes we need 2 sides of the story.
Tulikimbia kwa inbox teke teke to Lynn to voice our concerns.

Maraya ni Maraya tu. No wonder you got tons of time for your rants & retorts!

True. Your mother is indeed one. No wonder you a grown man feel affected when a woman denies you attention and pity parties. You are a man get over it. Stop soliciting pity from online strangers. Shit happens time to move on.

Tunajua mnauzanga kunyi Majuu kisha mkirudi Jamuhuri ni wiki mbili tu, na accent mwitu. @Finest wine While your kinsmen huku ni Peasants wanalalamika hamuwasaidii bana!

Relationships zimekuonyesha mengi aje na wewe kwa your alter ego ni divorcee…
Your other personality nayo iko na two dead ex boyfriends kama mrogi… You must have sacrificed them to the devil

Unless ni wewe niliuzia sitashinda hapa nikijibizana na wewe about my private parts. You are not a share holder so Sijui kuma usioila yakuwashia nini.